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At Divergent Innovative Health Care, we are fully dedicated to providing medical based solutions to address your unique needs. Our Calgary clinic has invested in all evidence-based, state-of-the-art technology for pain treatment and resolution. We are always on the forefront of new research and technology. We also provide Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolotherapy, a form of regenerative medicine that is a promising and innovative approach to treating many orthopaedic conditions. This advanced medical care is why people throughout the Calgary area come to Divergent Innovative Health Care.

Effective Treatment Options for Chronic Pain and Unresolved Injuries in Calgary

Unlike most clinics in Calgary, we work differently. With effective treatment options for chronic pain and sporting injuries and multiple genetic testing services, we have won the hearts of countless people who rightfully claim that Divergent Healthcare is one of the best clinics in Calgary. Read on to find out about the services we offer and how Divergent Healthcare works differently than the rest.

Our Calgary Health Services

At Divergent Healthcare, we believe in innovation and using the best and most effective methods for pain relief. Our team of professionals in Calgary will not only be able to provide you with the best options according to your problem, disease or condition, but we will also tell you the difference between each one of them to help you choose the best treatment option for yourself.

Meet Our Calgary Doctors

Experienced in multiple disciplines, we analyse the problems of our patients and work together with them to discuss possible treatments and the best course of action. With a mission to alleviate the pain of our patients and get them back on our feet, we offer the best solutions possible with professional advice from our team of highly skilled doctors, chiropractors, medical practitioners, and physical therapists.

Medical Practitioners M.D.

At Divergent Health Group, we work together with medical practitioners to ensure that the best care is being provided to our patients and to prescribe medication to our valuable patients if necessary.

Chiropractic Practitioners D.C.

Worried that you might have a musculoskeletal problem? Out chiropractic practitioners diagnose problems and conditions of the musculoskeletal system accurately and can help reduce your pain in no time!

Physical Therapists

Our team of physical therapists at Divergent Health Group can offer consultation and assist patients with strengthening and conditioning to guarantee that they don’t face any problems in the long run.

We have been treating acute and chronic pain through non-surgical options since 2008 with thousands of satisfied patients.

Why Come to Divergent Innovative Health Care?

Pain Relief Specialists

We have a trained team of injury and pain specialists that provide treatment for a huge range of acute and chronic pain conditions. Our multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional approach to treatment ensures that we can find the best possible plan for your treatment. The holistic range of services allows our specialists to ensure that you don’t live another day with pain.

Pinpoint Diagnosis

 It is vital to accurately diagnose the root of the pain so that the right treatment can be selected. We incorporate advanced diagnostic techniques and technologies to identify the right source for the pain.

Personalised Treatment

Since every condition and patient is unique, the treatment plan also needs to be the same way. Our specialists hold consultations with the patients to tailor the treatment plan for chronic and acute pain that is specific to your needs. We are able to improve the quality of life and prognosis expectations due to this very reason.

Take a Virtual Office Tour of Our Calgary Clinic

At Divergent Innovative Health Care, we are committed to providing the best quality patient care available. Our Calgary clinic specialize in unresolved and persistent injuries, regenerative injection therapy, sporting injuries and technology based procedures for pain.

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In addition, our facility is equipped with Massage Therapy, Laser Therapy, and multiple other modalities to help treat various forms of pain. Check out our Youtube channel and click the subscribe to keep up to date with the latest updates and content.

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