Optimize Injury Rehabilitation & Recovery with Advanced Resistance Training

Physical therapy can be a long and sometimes frustrating road to recovery. Traditional methods often involve repetitive exercises and limited equipment options. But what if there was a way to accelerate your rehab, improve your results, and make the process more engaging?

Enter ARX Omni – a revolutionary rehab solution available here at Divergent Health Calgary. ARX Omni is not your typical rehab machine. This innovative technology utilizes adaptive resistance and intelligent software to create a personalized and dynamic workout experience. Imagine a machine that adjusts to your specific needs and limitations, providing a safe and effective way to rebuild strength, improve flexibility, and get you back to the activities you love – faster.

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The Future of Rehab & Resistance Training

ARX Omni is revolutionizing physical rehabilitation with its cutting-edge adaptive resistance exercise technology, delivering unparalleled precision and efficiency in strength training and recovery. Unlike traditional weight-based systems, ARX Omni uses motorized resistance that adjusts in real-time to match the user’s strength capabilities throughout every movement. This ensures each exercise is optimally challenging and safe, perfectly tailored to individual recovery needs. The result? Faster, more effective rehabilitation that adapts to your progress, helping you regain strength and mobility with confidence.

What truly sets ARX Omni apart is its integration of advanced data tracking and analytics. Imagine having real-time feedback and detailed performance metrics at your fingertips, allowing you and your therapist to monitor progress meticulously and adjust your treatment plan dynamically. This data-driven approach identifies strengths and weaknesses and showcases measurable improvements, keeping you motivated and on track. With ARX Omni, physical rehabilitation becomes a personalized, engaging journey powered by technology and focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for your recovery.

How Does ARX Omni Work?

ARX Omni revolutionizes fitness by consolidating over 10 machines into one user-friendly package. Its versatile cable-driven system supports a range of attachments and handles, offering a customizable rehabilitation experience tailored to individual needs. With all exercise options conveniently housed in a single location, transitioning between workouts is now quicker and more straightforward than ever before, maximizing efficiency and convenience for every user.


Safe for rehabilitation exercise


Perfect resistance equals perfect workout


Efficient & Effective Workouts


Stimulates bone growth and density

Exercise List

ARX Omni covers all compound movements at multiple angles and desired paths of motion, offering maximum versatility and control.

  • Belt Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Calf Raise
  • Pulldown
  • Pullover
  • Row
  • Overhead Press
  • High Pull
  • Horizontal Press
  • Decline Press
  • Incline Press
  • Pec Fly
  • Triceps Pressdown
  • Biceps Curl

Safe, Effective, Efficient Results for Our Calgary Patients

The ARX system uses scientifically-backed principles to offer the safest, most effective, and most efficient form of resistance exercise in the world. You can see results in half the time as traditional methods without the risk of injuries or accidents.

Superior Training

ARX responds instantly and automatically, providing the perfect amount of resistance for optimal results.

Maximum Safety

ARX has no weights to drop. Movements are safe and controlled. Advanced motors provide ideal resistance at all times.

Real-Time Progress

ARX monitors every second of every movement and offers unparallel views of your development over time. There’s no need to wonder if you’re making progress.

A Powerful Fitness Duo

Compliment Omni’s versatility with the power of ARX Alpha to meet your strength goals faster. ARX Alpha provides a full body working with 3 big movements: leg press, chess press and row. You can unlock unlimited exercise potential when paired together with Divergent’s personal training expertise.

Calgary ARX Clinic FAQ

ARX Omni covers all compound movements at multiple angles and desired paths of motion. It offers maximum versatility and control.

ARX Alpha provides a full body working in 3 big movements: leg press, chess press and row. It offers maximized time efficiency and simplicity.

Our Calgary Personal Trainers can develop a program that pairs them to create unlimited exercise potential.

There is no need to set the resistance while using ARX. The machine applies perfect opposing resistance in direct proportion to the force the user is producing at each moment in time. The machine moves the handles or foot pads at the pre-selected speed during the positive and negative phases of contraction regardless of how hard a user exerts. The resistance provided by the machine is determined entirely by the user, whose effort is then measured and displayed by the software in real time.

The drive system and load cell are integrated with the motor controller system, both of which communicate with the software in a feedback loop. Numerous user data points like force output, range of motion, speed, percentage of fatigue, concentric and eccentric peak forces, and more are all tracked and displayed by the software. Additionally, this data is stored in the ARX cloud, where useful and motivational visual feedback of the data is displayed in the user’s online dashboard.

ARX is safe for all forms of rehabilitation, offering the full spectrum of resistance ranging from passive resistance (stretching) all the way to eccentric loading (negatives). There are no weights to drop, the speed is pre-set and controllable, and the machine can never act upon the user without the user first acting on the machine. This means that a user can never encounter any level of force that they themselves did not first produce, and this never-excessive scenario dramatically lowers the risk of injury.

The body’s adaptive response of building stronger, bigger muscles is provoked primarily by the application of three elements at the muscle level: mechanical tension, physical damage, and metabolic stress.

These stimuli can all be applied through the use of weights, but ARX’s adaptive resistance allows you to apply all three elements in greater magnitudes, more safely, and more quickly than with any weight. So for those looking for a pump, more muscle mass, or just looking to build a more aesthetic physique, ARX is the best tool currently available for these purposes.

The following ARX Academy video goes into this in more depth: Click here to watch the video

ARX can be used once per week, every day per week, once per month, or anywhere in between.

The most common ARX program followed by ARX users involves 1 to 2 full-body workouts per week for ~12 minutes per workout.

Divergent Health’s Comprehensive Wellness Program

Uncover the transformative power of ARX Omni. a key part of Divergent Health’s groundbreaking anti-aging and health optimization program. We integrate state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of our diverse team of medical doctors, physiotherapists, and fitness trainers – all under one roof at our Calgary Health Centre. Together, we collaborate to design a personalized wellness plans meticulously tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our comprehensive programs emphasizes a holistic approach to enhance physical strength, resilience, and nurture mental well-being through proactive preventive care initiatives.

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