Plantar Fasciitis

Tired of having pain in your feet?

Divergent Health Care has a solution. Divergent has been specializing in treating foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. This is a condition caused by chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia—an area located on the bottom aspect of the foot. We have invested in two unique, innovative, and scientifically advanced treatments to treat this specific condition: the shockwave therapy and the FX 635 laser technology.

Providing Evidence-Based Pain Management In Calgary

New, Innovative Technology

Divergent is the only clinic that has invested in the BTL6000. Not only this, but Divergent is the only Calgary-based clinic that uses the shockwave therapy and the FX 635 laser technology in combination to produce more effective, immediate, and long-lasting results for plantar fasciitis.

Both shockwave and the FX 635 laser equipment are evidence-based treatment options when it comes to treating plantar fasciitis. Research shows 80% of patients notice relief from the procedure. Shockwave comes from the technology lithotripsy a procedure used to treat and break kidney stones. In the case of plantar fasciitis, shockwaves are used to stimulate tissue healing and break up scar tissue, calcification and promote an immune response. The FX 635v laser is used to pinpoint, with absolute precision, the location of the problem, so that the condition can be treated with accuracy and without affecting any other body parts unnecessarily.

How it Works

  • The physician determines the exact location of the pain, isolating it after taking down a medical history of the condition
  • The Shockwave treatment follows, focused on the region where the pain is originating from
  • Shockwave therapy breaks down unhealthy, calcified tissues which cause pain. It also promotes regeneration of tissues, thus healthy tissues will take the place of unhealthy tissue, providing long-term relief and comfort.

Leading Calgary Clinic For Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Divergent is the leading clinic in shockwave and laser technologies in Calgary. If you plan on investing your time and energy, then invest it in Divergent. Both of these systems have been cleared by the FDA for plantar fasciitis treatment. The combination of these two advanced technologies has proven extremely effective in improving the prognosis for plantar fasciitis, leading to long-term and long-lasting relief from pain.

Really stubborn cases can be addressed as well!  Combination treatments comprising of Shockwave and Platelet Rich Plasma have proven to have amazing results.

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