Privacy Policy

At Divergent Innovative Healthcare, it has always been our goal to prioritize our patients over anyone else. We appreciate and respect the importance of preserving your right to privacy and your concerns with regards to the same. As such, we place the utmost importance in protecting the privacy of our clients and any information they share with us, the same intentions are directed towards any general users of our website.

DISCLAIMER: If you have arrived at our website as a result of experiencing a medical emergency, please call emergency services at 911 immediately. It is absolutely essential that you do not rely on electronic forms of correspondence to receive medical attention; this page is not directed towards providing emergency medical services. Therefore you should get in touch with emergency services personnel at the earliest. Divergent Innovative Healthcare cannot guarantee immediate response for any medical emergency and as such will not be held liable in the event that you experience said medical emergency.


Visitors have permission to access and peruse the information on our websites, without having to provide any personal or sensitive information. This website does not collect any such information and we do not identify our users until and unless they consent to sharing private information with us.

Furthermore, Divergent Innovative Healthcare does not share any personal information with third parties that have no connection to Divergent Innovative Healthcare. However, in the case of a legal complication or investigations and in the event that a patient asks us to do so; we will share the information as required by the relevant authorities.


To facilitate any queries or information requests, the website contains forms that users will be required to fill out to have their requests honored. In certain situations, telephone numbers, email addresses and/or return addresses will be required so that we can provide the relevant information as you requested. Often times, it is essential that you provide us with names and addresses to process your payments through credit cards (if any).

Our information collection process may also lead up to a request for follow-up information (all visitors have authority to deny any follow ups on the forms they fill out). There is no information that we collect which is shared with third party entities until and unless we are required to be a part of legal concerns, investigations or to process your credit card payments. Any personal information that you share with us, is not stored in any database for any other purpose besides the ones outlined above.


On occasion, we also conduct surveys through our websites. The information is collected with the sole purpose of understanding our visitor’s informational requirements and to improve our website in ways that we can improve the user experience. This information does not in any way include personal information that can be used to identify you. In the event that you are asked for contact information to conduct follow ups, you have full authority to deny our requests. If you choose to share personal information (For example: email addresses or phone numbers), the users of that information can only use it to conduct follow-ups and no other activity besides follow-ups. This information may also be used to answer your questions and queries.


Phishing scams are a very frequently used method of forcing individuals to divulge personal information. If you receive any emails from Divergent Innovative Healthcare requesting you to share personal information (For example: Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Account numbers and the like) do not respond to these emails. We never ask our visitors or inquirers for their personal information as mentioned above until and unless they have interacted with us first.

User Names and Passwords

If you do access or create accounts for services that require user identifications and passwords, you are solely responsible for keeping this information confidential.


Divergent Innovating Healthcare collects information relevant to the performance of the website and the user experience to continue improving your experience of the website. This information includes website use patterns, traffic volumes, site performance statistics and other date that central to improving the website.

IP Addresses

Our servers automatically collect your Internet Protocol addresses if you visit our website. This address is not personally identifiable information considering how multiple users can access the internet through the same access points. This information is used as a collective to analyze how the website is being used and what steps can be taken to improve the user experience.

It should be noted, that there are certain pieces of information that can be collected with an IP address. This information includes the identity of the visitor’s Internet service provider as well as the geographical location they are accessing the website from.

First Party Cookies

Cookies are small packets of data that are stored in your hard drive so that our databases can recognize you if you ever visit our website repeatedly. This is done to help us reduce the identifications barriers by assigning alphanumeric codes to each user. These codes cannot be used to identify you personally and therefore qualify as non-personal information.

These cookies can be deleted from your computer at any time that you choose. You can clear your cookie caches through the settings of your browsers. Once you have cleared this data from your hard drives, under no circumstance can these be used to track your interaction with our website in the future.


All of the forms on our website are key encrypted to avoid and prevent any information leaks. Any information that you provide to us, is stored in secure databases whereby it cannot be accessed by any users on the internet. We may ask for credit card numbers or service transactions to pass on to our credit card processing services; however this information is never stored in our databases.

Divergent Innovative Healthcare continually revises and alters security procedures and protocols. We place your protection as a priority above all else. As such we take the utmost care of protecting your identities and sensitive information that you provide with your consent to our website. Our security protocols are fully capable of mitigating any privacy threats.


Any services and information offered by the Divergent Innovative Health Care are provided “As is” without any alterations for educational purposes. We do not explicitly or implicitly offer any warranties on the information and services that are on this website including, but not limited to, warranties on future sales, quality assurance for any particular use of the materials and/or the use, title or non-infringement of content/information/materials originating from third parties.

All users are expressly told that any website cannot be fully protected against malicious attacks and despite our best efforts; it may be possible that our security measure fail. Divergent Innovative health care cannot and does not exert any influence over the devices or connections that you use to present confidential information and therefore cannot be held responsible for any intrusions that take place while the exchange takes place.

Divergent Innovative Healthcare does not offer any guarantees for the security of the information being transmitted to and from this website. Nor do we offer these guarantees for data stored on the website.

We take the stringent of security measures as would qualify to be reasonable to safeguard your privacy and personal information. As such, we cannot and do not guarantee that your communications will not be intercepted during transmission and we cannot be held liable for any interceptions that take place during this transmission, be it an organization or an individual who transmits the information.

Furthermore, we do not offer any guarantees for the security and confidentiality of information that is communicated to and from and stored on this website.


All users are assumed to take the full risk of presenting any information relevant to the use of this website. In the event that any data is corrupted, intercepted, intrusions in your privacy or any authorized access to this website does take place; you take responsibility for any damages; Divergent Innovative health care cannot be held responsible for cyberattacks. This also holds true for any delays, interruptions and or failures in accessing or using the website.

Divergent Innovative Healthcare cannot be held responsible for any damages be they direct, indirect, consequential or monetary damages in connection to the use of materials from this website of the access of this website.

Divergent Innovative Healthcare can change this privacy policy without notifying any users of said changes.

There are additional terms that you may have to agree to, in order to access other services on this website.


For any questions about the privacy policy or how we use your data, please get in touch with us through our contact portals.