Referring Practitioners

The Referral Process Is Simple and Easy

At Divergent Health, we believe in providing premium health-care and that’s why the first visit for your patient is complimentary, free of cost, and will be covered by Alberta Health.

If you’re referring your patients to our practitioners, here’s how you can get started:

  • Referrals can be made through fax or email. Download our Referral Form. A short letter must be attached to the referral form that mentions the patient’s condition.
  • Once we have received your referral, you will get a letter from us within one or two working days to confirm your patient’s appointment time as well as the estimated waiting time.
  • Our clinic will directly notify the patients about the appointment one month in advance as well.

What Should Your Clinic Expect?

The referral clinic will receive a letter from us that would detail the diagnosis and management plan for the patient, along with guidelines regarding any future follow up correspondences between our clinic and yours.

This is done to ensure that you’re notified about the patient’s progress as the treatment for their condition continues.

A steady stream of communication with the referring doctor or clinic will also allow us to receive the necessary information and details about the patient’s condition so that a proper treatment plan is devised to nurse them back to health. All the medical information will be regarded as private and confidential.

About Divergent Health

Divergent Health is a Calgary-based full-service pain clinic that offers a wide variety of resources and expertise to address chronic injuries. We specialize in providing effective treatment options for sports injuries and also have multiple genetic testing services designed using innovative and effective pain relief methods. Our in-house chiropractic practitioners, physical therapists, and medical experts devise a customized treatment program with the help of using top-of-the-line technology to give our patients a prompt diagnosis and treatment for their condition such as back pain, plantar fasciitis, headaches, knee pain, and elbow pain.