Alleviate your pain and symptoms with our Chronic Pain Program in Calgary

Many Calgarians suffer from chronic pain that has brought their lives to a standstill. These people can no longer enjoy daily activities like walking to the park or having fun with children because of the debilitating pain. Unfortunately, even though most of these people tried seeking treatment options, all they ever got were temporary fixes that makes the pain fade away for a few days or weeks before it comes back again.

Chronic pain can be difficult to live with, and no one understands that like we do. If you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain, you will be glad to hear that we at Divergent Healthcare have developed a Chronic Pain Program for the thousands of patients who suffer. Unlike other clinics making baseless claims of having the perfect solution to help you get rid of your pain, our Chronic Pain Program in Calgary actually works! How can we guarantee that? Read on to find out.

Chronic Pain Program At Divergent’ Calgary Clinic

At Divergent Healthcare, we love to do things differently and that is where our multidisciplinary expertise comes in handy. Unlike other treatment options offered in the city, we incorporate innovation along with conservative treatment solutions at our pain relief clinic in Calgary in order to rid people of their pain efficiently and effectively.

We know that chronic pain may be affecting your life and relationships in several different ways and we hate to see that happen. We, therefore, let our patients and visitors choose from a number of different treatment options that are a part of our Chronic Pain Program at Divergent Healthcare. Our team of medical practitioners, doctors and physical therapists works together to diagnose the cause of your chronic pain before we discuss the available and optimal treatment options with you and your loved ones.

Divergent Health recommends the Chronic Pain Program as the primary method for our Calgary patients. This approach involves all practitioners at the clinic as part of the treatment protocol and include a set plan with goals and prognosis. The Chronic pain program is comprehensive and multi-disciplinary and has been showed in research to yields better outcome and prognosis.


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Advanced Technology

Divergent Health Chronic Pain Program involves innovative procedures as part of a comprehensive treatment regimen. We use technologies such as:

What Does The Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program Involve?

At Divergent Healthcare, our team of professionals in Calgary will also be happy to recommend treatment options based on their expertise and can inform you of the differences between each of the options to help you be satisfied that you are making the right decision.

Based on your preferences, our treatment options will trigger healing in the affected area or region of your body to ensure that you are free from pain and get back on your feet in no time. The available treatment options under our Chronic Pain Program at Divergent Healthcare include shockwave therapy and several other tools that promote and stimulate healing.

Which Conditions Can Be Treated Using The Chronic Pain Program?

Treatment at Divergent Healthcare’s Calgary clinic depends on diagnosis, however, our Chronic Pain Program generally addresses:

…and many other conditions.

Calgary Chronic Pain Clinic

If you’re experiencing chronic pain contact our Calgary clinic to start relieving your symptoms. Get back to your regular fun and active lifestyle. Call 587-325-0253 today.